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Be a leader! Join us. 

Inspire others with developing leadership skills that will last a lifetime...Join the Fairfield Youth Coalition!


The Fairfield Youth Coalition gives students a chance to play an integral part in preventing one of the most devastating problem in our community --illegal  substance abuse.   Butler county drug overdose deaths are among the highest in Ohio, which is also the highest in the nation.   The Youth Coalition features student-led programming to make Fairfield safer, healthier, and drug-free.This peer-to-peer communication helps prevent a handful of bad choices from ruining the life of a fellow student.  


Membership is open to Fairfield Freshman or High School Students who are interested in:

  • Developing Leadership Skills

  • Learning about their strengths

  • Improving School Culture

  • Making lasting friendships


Opportunities for involvement include:

  • Leaders in Training: shapes self-esteem and identity in 40 middle school leaders.

  • Freshmen Youth Coalition: develops social, coping and decision making skills in 30 freshmen leaders.

  • High School Youth Coalition: equips 100 high school students in prevention science, strategic planning, implementation and evaluation of youth-led prevention.


Here’s what students have to say about being a part

of the Fairfield Youth Coalition:  

"As someone who was extremely active in the coalition for 4 years, I can honestly say that the leadership shown within this group is unmatched. Group discussions and creative thinking gave students a voice, a voice they might not have found anywhere else."


"Being able to implement change and bring a positive aspect into an individual's life, no matter how small, is why I enjoyed the Coalition as much as I did.I have gained so many of my friendships from Coalition and I feel like a true leader when I'm a part of the Coalition. The Coalition has truly changed my life in ways that are un-comprehendible!"

"Coalition to me is a freedom; Coalition has given me confidence in myself to stand up for real causes and has equipped me with the necessary skills in order to bring about change.I enjoyed helping other classmates through difficult times....  It is so much easier to go through these things together than do it alone."

 “I before thought that change can only occur when you have a movement of people but now I realize that change can be done by a person and in fact some of the greatest change has been done by a person."

“Being a member of the Fairfield Youth Coalition helped me gain confidence to deal with the conflicts that arise when faced with the opportunity for drug or alcohol use.”

 “I learned so much about what drugs and alcohol can do to a young person's life.  It felt good to be a part of something so positive in the lives of other students”

Be a Leader.  Join Us!

Contact:  Joe Markiewicz  P:  (814) 449-5998.   E:

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