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Helpful Resources

Resources for Students & Youth                              

For Addiction Support 24/7


United States Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)


Heroin Hope Line – Warren and Clinton County, Ohio



Crisis Line and Heroin Hope Line – Butler County, Ohio



Crisis Text Line – Text “4hope” to 741-741


National Suicide Hotline



NIDA for Teens 

Get the latest on how drugs affect the brain and body. Featuring videos, games, blog posts and more!


Above the Influence

Site offers online chat, tips to help friends not use, drug facts, and media activities.


Ohio Youth Led Prevention Network

Statewide organization website for teens wanting to make healthy decisions. Includes mental health as well as drug prevention information.  They sponsor the We Are The Majority Rally in April!


Drug Free World

This site contains compelling videos of real people talking about their experiences with drugs.


Alcohol Addiction Self-Assessment


Alcohol Addiction Self-Assessment


Operated by the American Academy of Family Physicians, this website provides scientifically accurate information from a family medicine perspective on mental health issues such as stress, cutting, depression and substance abuse.


AACAP Guide to Marijuana Facts

This site from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry contains information on marijuana and why it is harmful.


Why Marijuana is harmful (NIH)

This document from the National Institutes of Health is a brochure describing marijuana and why it is harmful.


Information on why marijuana is harmful – (NIDA)

On this site, the National Institutes on Drug Abuse presents information on marijuana and why it is harmful


Learn about Marijuana (University of Washington)

This site offers a fact Sheet form University of Washington on Marijuana


Prescription Drug Abuse Video



Stomp Out Bullying

This site contains resources for teens and parents to help them change the culture and stomp out bullying.


Youth-Led Advocacy

This site offers resources to help make the world a better place!! 


Youth to Youth

We are so lucky to have Youth to Youth, an international leader in youth-led prevention located right here it Ohio.  They often come and talk to our Fairfield Youth Coalition at the Freshmen Youth Summit.  This site offers information on their summer camps, on-going comprehensive programming, national conferences, trainings, and consultations.


Five Minutes for Life

This site provides information on the Governor Kasich’s 5 Minutes for Life.  It centers on Ohio State Troopers, Ohio National Guard members and local law enforcement talking for five minutes with student leaders, such as student-athletes, student council members, and band leaders before or after a practice or a meeting, about responsible decision-making, leadership and encouraging those in their peer group to live a drug-free lifestyle. This educational campaign aims to reduce and ultimately eliminate drug use among students.  Leaders subsequently spread the word.

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