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Understanding Changing Landscapes

Butler County coalitions conducted group listening sessions with 200 people to understand views on marijuana.

Overview of what we learned:

1.People KNOW uses but NOT risks/harms:  People are getting a variety of targeted messages about the uses of marijuana but are NOT getting clear messaging about risks or harms associated with using marijuana.

2.Marijuana as medicine is misunderstood:  Most do not understand the new law or what medical marijuana is

3.With little science to back it up, people believe it is effective treatment:  Most people believe that marijuana is effective at treating medical and mental health conditions of all kinds with limited evidence to support effectiveness.

4.People believe it is natural and not addictive:  Most people believe that marijuana is natural and do not know about some of the new forms, potency, and dependence potential. 

5.People believe the cannabusiness industry is altruistic:  Many see the cannabis industry as a healthy, environmentally friendly, and pro-social justice industry.  Some see government is seen as deceptive.

6.Use is Accepted/Tolerated:  Pot use is widely accepted in many circles: especially among youth.  There is acceptance of use it for a medical purpose.  Youth believe that most of their peers do it.  Seniors citizens care little about what people think of their use.

Additional Resources for learning more about marijuana as medicine:

National Academy of Sciences Report

National Institute on Drug Abuse

National Institutes of Health

Smart Approaches to Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Control Program - Ohio


Scripted Questions for Research

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